Mint Portals

Otto Portals

Summon your own Otto NFTs

Mint Otto Portal and summon your unique Otto NFTs. Otto? Lottie? Cleo? It’s all surprise!

Only 5,000 Portals available

Mint Portal

Otto Portal

One portal mints one Otto. Mint portals to summon your Otto and begin your Otterverse adventure!

5000 left


Mint Summary()

Please connect your wallet to proceed the process.

How do Otto Portals work?

Step 1

Mint Otto Portal with MATIC

We accept $MATIC for Otto Portal purchase. This is a simple way to join the continued growth of the Otter Kingdom. 1 Portal = 40 MATIC

Step 2

Open Otto Portal and get Otto candidates

One portal opens randomly from 1 to 8 Ottos, but only 1 can proceed to go through the portal. For this reason, the user will still need to choose 1 Otto to get through the portal and become an Otto NFT. Once it’s confirmed, the portal NFT’s appearance will be changed to the Otto’s!

Step 3

Summon your Otto

After deciding your favorite Otto NFT, you have to summon the one you picked to get to the portal and formally join the Otter Kingdom. This process will trigger another transaction to update the NFT appearance.