Silver Shell Chest Giveaway

Follow the 3 easy steps to complete the mission, and you will get a Silver Shell Chest FOR FREE!


Complete the following 3 steps to get reward:

Connect Your Wallet

Join Our Discord Community

Enter the Invitation Code

* The invitation code will be supplied by collaboration partners or given out through Ottopian promotions.


What is an invitation code? Where can I find it?

OtterClam provides partners with an invitation code that has a fixed number of uses. Partners then share the code with their respective communities to take advantage of the promotion. Additionally, our team may also utilize invitation codes to promote within the OtterClam community.

What are Shell Chests?

A Shell Chest is a "loot" box that randomly generates equipment that can be applied to (worn by) your Otto NFT. Each Shell Chest generates one of over several hundred different pieces of equipment. Get a Shell Chest to see what kind of cool, powerful equipment awaits your Otto!

What is the difference between Silver, Gold and Diamond Shell Chests?

Silver Chests are the least expensive and offer the most common equipment types. Gold Shell Chests have rarer equipment, and are more expensive than Silver Chests. Diamond Chests are the most expensive option, but they also provide the greatest chance. To view a more comprehensive breakdown of the equipment rarity probability by chest, go here.

What can I do with the equipment in the Shell Chests?

Equipping your Otto NFT with items generated by Shell Chests is one of the best and easiest ways to strengthen your Ottos - the 1st generation citizens of Ottopia. The equipment found in Shell Chests improves the overall health and strength of your Otto NFT by increasing its rarity score, among other things. The rarer the item your Otto is equipped with, the more competitive you are in the rarity competition(s) and the higher the likelihood your Otto will be able to win future missions and earn CLAM!

To learn more about the functionality of equipment, please read our Whitepaper

How to buy an Otto NFT?

There are only 5,000 Portals available, which means only 5,000 Otto NFTs can enter the Otterverse. When you mint a Portal in Ottopia, you are effectively buying an Otto NFT.

You will be given between 1 and 8 different Otto candidates to choose from. Then, all you need to do is summon your favorite Otto to join us in the Otterverse!

One portal costs 100 MATIC. Mint your Portal now>

What’s the currency here? How to buy?

In Otter Kindgom, we use CLAM as the formal currency, so you must have some CLAM tokens in your wallet! Note: CLAM that have been staked or deposited into Pearl Chests cannot be used.

How to buy CLAM? check this page: How to Buy and Stake CLAM

How many Shell Chests can I get?

Each wallet address can get one Shell Chest. Shell Chests are also NFTs, so you can sell it or buy it in the external NFT market. If you want more Shell Chests, you can also purchase them in the Ottopia Store. There is no maximum number of Shell Chests that can be purchased.

When will I get the Shell Chest?

You will immediately receive your Shell Chest once you finish the steps listed above.

Can I see if I have received the Shell Chest?

You can go to My Items page to open the Shell Chests and find your equipment.